The Old Storyteller

The Haircutter’s Gift – Gather ’round, kids, for a story about saying “please,” “thank you,” and “I got this.”
The True Prince – Hey kids! Here’s another great fable from the feeble Storyteller!

This Weak on TV

Impossible Jeopardy! – Here’s a game that even Ken Jennings can’t win!
Psychic Phenomena Today! – Featuring a woman with the remarkable ability to make you not care a whit about what she has to say!
Spelunked! – Here’s another episode of Fun Adventure Time with your old pal Davey! In today’s show he finds something mysterious and unexpected!
PBS’ Antiquing Roadtrip – The hosts find some valuable antiques before experiencing an unexpected shakedown.
Headlines – Here’s what’s on the news tonight. Film at 11.
Let’s Look at Crime – A program that shows why crime is on the rise.
Let’s Talk Lithuanian! – Follow along and you’ll be speaking like a native in no time!
Tales of the Old West – History brought to you by a swell bunch of people


The Were-Pig of London – A traditional tale of horror as a terrifying beast raids the pantries of the fog-bound city!
Almost Spooky Stories – Your Uncle Grisly delivers frightening tales that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, then return to its normal sitting position.
A Very NPR Halloween – Remember to give ’til it hurts. Then give some more.
Spooky Stuff – Here are a few tales and trailers you won’t see in theaters.


Back in the 1970s, John Timpane and Don Rooney hosted a radio show on student-run KUCI-FM in Irvine, California. On one show, either John or Don — no one remembers exactly which one (although it was probably Don) — turned on the microphone to introduce “a soothing musical interlude.” In his excitement, either John or Don (again, probably Don) instead announced “a soothing musical innertube,” and the name stuck.

The Musical Innertube radio show was music interrupted by comedy bits — or, more accurately, comedy bits interrupted by music. When John and Don re-united for a podcast in the early 2000s, they picked up where they left off, with one important change: the comedy bits were uninterrupted by music.

In the years between the 1970s and the early 2000s, John and Don made careers out of radio, television and newspaper reporting. So eventually, the Musical Innertube podcast was re-fashioned to feature conversations with interesting people about their interesting lives; you can hear them over at But here you’ll find the comedy bits John and Don created for the first incarnation of the podcast —

The Musical Innertube, Volume 1.

The Adventures of Father Hardy

Who Stole Me Whiskey? A Father Hardy Mystery – The intrepid cleric and his reluctant sidekick solve the mystery of missing whiskey in the hamlet of Kissmebum.
Father Hardy and the Holy Nail – A Christmas Bedtime Story – The delightful holiday story of a priest, a reverend and a rabbi in search of a missing relic.
Father Hardy and the Commandments – The good Father helps one of his parishioners see the light
Father Hardy and the Last Hand – Father Hardy faces a difficult task when one of his parishioners dies during a card game.
Father Hardy’s Walkabout – Follow the good Father as he travels about his town.
Father Hardy’s Bedside Manner – Father Hardy gives solace to his best friend, who’s about to kick the bucket. Oh, and, also, he’s dying.

Christmas Plays

A Christmas Caroline – Santa’s elves run into a toy-making problem, then Santa has a toy-delivery problem. Luckily, Caroline hits just the right note!
Santa Gets Scrooged – The North Pole toy factory is the victim of a hostile takeover. Can the Ghosts of Christmas get Scrooge to change his evil ways?
Holiday Stories for Every Occasion – Here are tales that will put you in a holiday mood, provided you’re applying some potent egg nog at the same time.
Christmas Dinner with Julia – The late French Chef takes you step-by-step through the preparation of a memorable Christmas dinner.
Operation Sugarplum – Brought to you as a public service by this website and the Ad Council.