Back in the 1970s, John Timpane and Don Rooney hosted a radio show on student-run KUCI-FM in Irvine, California. On one show, either John or Don — no one remembers exactly which one (although it was probably Don) — turned on the microphone to introduce “a soothing musical interlude.” In his excitement, either John or Don (again, probably Don) instead announced “a soothing musical innertube,” and the name stuck.

The Musical Innertube radio show was music interrupted by comedy bits — or, more accurately, comedy bits interrupted by music. When John and Don re-united for a podcast in the early 2000s, they picked up where they left off, with one important change: the comedy bits were uninterrupted by music.

In the years between the 1970s and the early 2000s, John and Don made careers out of radio, television and newspaper reporting. So eventually, the Musical Innertube podcast was re-fashioned to feature conversations with interesting people about their interesting lives; you can hear them over at But here you’ll find the comedy bits John and Don created for the first incarnation of the podcast —

The Musical Innertube, Volume 1.

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Ground to a Halt

The Musical Interview

The Musical Innertube Interview – Stephen King

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The Musical Innertube Players

Things that make you go “hmmmm….”

It’s a Sickness – Let Dr. John Timpane help you. And remember, he’s not THAT kind of doctor.
Things that are fun to say – Join in!
The Existential Joke of the Day – This one had the Dalai Lama ROFL!

It’s A Good Thing

A Martha Stewart Easter – What will those wacky wizards working for Martha come up with next in their effort to make your holiday more holiday-like?
A Martin Stewart Thanksgiving – Martha Stewart’s brother and his friends show you how to enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving holiday if you’re home alone.
A Martha Stewart Halloween – Martha and special guest star the late Julia Child get together for spooky mayhem in the kitchen.

Musical Inner Workings

A Short History of the Musical Innertube Players – Where we came from, and how we got here
Exciting Kickstarter Opportunity! – The guys who bring you the Musical Innertube want to make you rich! No, really!
Turn Down the Level! – The fine technicians here at the Musical Innertube want to make sure your audio experience is the best ever!

The Old Game Ball

The Great American Passed By – The game is on the line as a baseball player makes the decision of a lifetime
A Hole in One – A golfer gets ready to make the putt of his life.

Great American Greatness

Great Inventors of History – Here’s a look at the accomplishments and legacies of two great American inventors
Love in the Fast Lane – The great American rom-com, and we did it in a minute!
Think Tank – Don’t think about this one too much. That’s what he’s paid to do.

Giving Thanks

The First Thanksgiving. Really. – The story of the first Thanksgiving as told by its participants.
Turkey Day – Renowned Professor Info Von Poop reveals the true meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday.
The Turkey Zone – Here’s another sci-fi turkey submitted for your approval.